About us

Due to the COVID-19 situation, we advise everyone to be safe and in case you need to travel, be very safe, and use precaution.

The world is a beautiful place filled with gorgeous landscapes and mesmerizing views which motivates the inner bug in every individual to experience the adventure and thrill of traveling. Kurt Vonnegut said, “ Bizarre travel plans are dancing lessons from the God”. But we believe that there should be nothing bizarre about the travel because we are here to simplify the process, making it a great memory for everyone. Planning a perfect vacation is a tedious task for anyone but we are here we bring you the holistic solution of ease and convenience which makes this portal a primary source to garner all the information and make your bookings as well.

Our objective is to simplify the process of travel that it becomes more fun and less stressful for travelers. The idea behind building this portal lies in the fact that we want to centralize all the information on one platform that all the needs of the users are fulfilled with just a click.


We are an inquisitive and innovative company that has committed to deliver the best possible solutions to our user base through the ease and stress-free travel options. It is a global search engine portal which compares the prices across different platform and generates the best-suited result based on your budget and other requirements.

We are an urban chic travel search engine and travel social network site which lets you plan an amazing vacation at a great deal and prices and make sure all your needs of travel are fulfilled at one portal making it an easy task.


Our team consists of a creative and distinctive lot of entrepreneurs who had the vision to build an easy, unbiased, and intuitive platform for the users for a better booking and travel experience.

A unique proposition made with the objective of making travel a hassle-free experience is what promoted our team to launch a product which suits the needs of all kinds of travelers and different kind of vacations. Becoming a primary source of travelers as a one-stop solution to all their travel needs, we are going to be a self-sufficient portal which promises to match the demand of the traveler with the right kind of supply


Explaining the product, we operate with the network of online travel portals. We build a website where users can get all the information about the services and the destinations. It is an online portal where customers can search for hotels, flights, restaurants, and various activities happening around at multiple destinations. The idea is, that a customer gets all the relevant information and at the same time is able to complete bookings and reservations.

Our model is based on a self-service motto where the customer can gain all and any information and make the bookings and reservations on their own without interacting with any person from the sales team of the company. Anybody can access our fast search for thousand of hotels and flights listed on the website. Once they click on the offer or the deal, they are redirected to the advertiser’s website where they can complete the booking.

We also serve as a marketing channel for our associated hotels and other advertisers who can list their property on our website and with thousands of clicks we get every day, it is an easy way for them to market their service or product.

Our aim is to create value for the customers by empowering them to share their experiences on the portal in form of tips and reviews to the fellow travelers who might benefit from the same. It also creates value for property owners, proprietors of the hotel, and restaurants by making them visible to the potential customers where they can also see the feedback from their customers on our portal.


The building, maintaining, and growing our brand has been an integral part of our marketing team where the discovery of travelers’ needs in terms of flight and accommodation drive both the advertisers and travelers to our platform and mutually benefiting both. We strive towards improving our performance using various tools and processes and invest in several marketing channels along with major focus on social media to grow our brand awareness among users.


Our tech team is constantly involved in improving ways to generate maximum traffic on the website through various tools and processes. The problem-solving processes at our company are quick and based on in-depth research and knowledge, we are able to come up with sustainable solutions that truly impact the growth of our company. We love new technologies and keep ourselves updated with the same while making sure that we build a platform inside our company where knowledge can be shared.


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